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Strange Surprise Found in Noodles

“Look, Mom — it’s a meatball heart!”

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How to Learn to Cook with a 3-Step Writing Challenge

I learned to cook 24 new meals and became a better writer Published in Better Humans. https://betterhumans.pub/how-to-learn-to-cook-with-a-3-step-writing-challenge-cb44a5c6cc07?sk=207b0be7949a25b96c514d19f3ed833c

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My 2022 Cooking Journey: I Can’t Believe I Cooked It!

How I learned to cook 24 easy recipes (with links to each recipe) https://marychang-10894.medium.com/cooking-challenge-conclusion-a-messy-work-in-progress-learns-to-cook-ffec351f8e3c?sk=c86f7c9f75d61901bd4555d2fdcbff98 If you’re someone who struggles with cooking, here’s a story that may inspire you to start a cooking journey.… Continue reading

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