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The Underdog Races Again

My fitness journey continues. It’s been almost four years since I incorporated daily exercise, personal fitness challenges, and races into my lifestyle. This story is about my first-ever ocean swim triathlon (my second… Continue reading

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How Underdogs Shine!

Summer Six Word Photo Story Challenge: “Shine!” Body parts featured in “Human Parts.” Since I launched and created the Six Word Photo Story Challenge publication in September 2021, I haven’t written as many long-form… Continue reading

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The “Click” Moment of Cold Open Water Swimming: The click is shocking — but I’m hooked. Facing my fear of drowning & how I became a superhero with goggles

This is a story that may inspire you to try wild water swimming or understand why the hell people get addicted to this crazy, bone-chilling fitness activity. It’s written by someone ordinary (me)… Continue reading

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Reaching The Other Side: Braving cold waters, one swim at a time.

Published in “Modern Parent” on Medium. My writing journey on Medium continues. Looking back at my stories so far on the platform since November, there seems to be a theme developing with the… Continue reading

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