Reaching The Other Side: Braving cold waters, one swim at a time.

Published in “Modern Parent” on Medium. My writing journey on Medium continues. Looking back at my stories so far on the platform since November, there seems to be a theme developing with the link between exercise and perseverance with “headstand”, the “crow pose” and now—”cold water swimming”! I don’t excel at any of these 3 things, but I definitely have fun trying, and practicing these activities betters my life.

This article has been published in Modern Parent on Medium, whose motto is: “Celebrating and supporting the guardians of the next generation.” Rebecca C., Editor of Modern Parent.

I submitted a different article to Modern Parent in December but I didn’t receive a response after 10 days, so I assumed it was rejected. I sent them a follow-up email to pull my submission because it got published in a different publication. The editor replied a few days later, apologized for the delay in responding (they were inundated with catching up with with submissions after the Xmas holidays), told me she loved that article, added me as a writer to Modern Parent and invited me to submit a new article for them in the future.

Sometimes a “rejection” may not be a rejection, but just a delay in replying. Thank you Rebecca for inviting me to be a part of your publication. Better late than never!

Here’s my story on Modern Parent.