Beauty, Self Care & Love for Others in Six Words

I continue to self-reflect, take time for self-care and transition. Six word stories tell my truth.

Cherish the basics – sleep, water, sunshine.

Be true, give freely to others.

Take pleasure in moments for you. 

“Tea, for me.”  Photo by MC.

Discovering something new about old friends.

Accepting, embracing change, transitions, the unknown.

Finding vibrant life in unexpected places.

IMG_1061 Beauty in a pile of dirt
“Beauty in a pile of dirt.”  Photo by MC.

Eat chocolate cake, not every day.

Make way for love, play, laughter.

Play outside – rain, shine, snow, thunder.

“Sunshine and snow.” Photo by MC.

February Meaning & Symbolism

“Coming just after January, the month of new beginnings, is February. From the Latin word Februarius, meaning “to purify“, February was known as the “Month of Purification” during ancient Roman times. It is a transitional time, finding itself just after a month of reflection and new year’s resolutions.”




Reconnecting with my 1979 Grade 3 teacher featured in “Teacher Magazine” By Mary Chang

This is a story of how I reconnected with my 1979 elementary school teacher after four decades. It describes the emotional connection that transpires between a student and teacher and how it empowers a child to believe in herself, nurture her creativity and follow her dreams into adulthood.

“Reconnecting with my 1979 Grade 3 Teacher, Lindsay Watson” is now published in Teacher Magazine, Jan/Feb 2020 issue. It’s dedicated to L.W. with a nod to the students of Ms Watson’s classroom.

Reconnecting with my Grade 3 teacher
“Taking Steps”  Photo by Natalie McMillan

After you’ve read the above story “Reconnecting with my Grade 3 teacher”, I welcome you to take a step back into the past with me to read:

1-Lindsay Watson current
“Lindsay Watson”  Photo by Billy Woods Photography.
“Flashback into 1979 – title page”

If you would like to make a comment about the story “Reconnecting with my Grade 3 Teacher, Lindsay Watson”, please submit it under the “About the Writer” page. You may also send a Letter to the Editor at Teacher Magazine at:

Version 2
“Words a writer loves to hear”: Handmade and received from L.W. after she read my story, February 2020


My Self Mantras In Six Words

For 2020, I promise myself to take time to contemplate what matters most to me. Managing the precarious balancing act of parenting, relationships, fitness, work and the chaos that comes with everyday living is a constant challenge.
Keeping it simple puts my life into perspective. Six word stories tell my truth.
Take time to breathe, slow down.
Appreciate my  health – my only life.
I love me, my life, my soul.
“Quieting Mind”  Photo by Natalie McMillan.
I possess the courage to try.
I devote time to me – for me.
I promise to pursue my dreams.
“Embracing World”
Be grateful for my lifetime partner.
Play with son whenever I can.
Best gifts… kisses, talking, time, silence.
“Moment Together”


Why I Exercise in Six Words

Exercise: Activity requiring physical effort, carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness.

Since January 2019, I’ve been challenging myself to train harder to exceed my usual limits in the realm of exercise. 

For me this means, attempting exercises that fall out of my comfort zone, setting monthly fitness challenges that force me to persevere or signing up for races that scare the hell out of me. “Six Word Stories” tell my truth.

“Nature’s Tree Swing”  Photo by Natalie McMillan.

“Why I Exercise in Six Words”

Discovering beauty of nature with motion.

Reviving youth to play like young.

Connecting through movement with my son.

Pushing my body challenges my mind.

Body is tougher than brain thinks.

Staying strong to better my life.

Super Hero Pose, once a day. Boosts my confidence and my mind.  Photo by Natalie McMillan.

Feel like Superwoman after good sweat.

Something about strength makes one sexy.

Protecting body that encases my soul.

“Jump!” Photo by Natalie McMillan.

The electric feel of building muscle.

Pushing until sweat drips onto earth.

Nature’s high revives vibrance – of me.


Why I Write in Six Words

The first sentence I published appeared in the book “Six Word Memoirs on Love and Heartbreak by Writers Famous and Obscure.” Famous: Dan Savage, Elizabeth Gilbert and Janice Dickinson. Obscure: Me.

“Finding my Light through Creative Writing”  Self-photo by author.

“Six Word Memoirs” tell your truth. To honour Smith Magazine’s theme of “telling a story in six words” and to thank Harper-Collins for publishing my first piece, this is:

“Why I Write in Six Words”

Time flies by when I’m writing.

Keeps my spirit alive and happy.

Finally getting my voice – out there.

Love sound of fingertips on keyboard.

Nothing else matters when I write.

Found my flow, following my bliss.