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How to Tame the Envy Dragon: What Worked Wonders for Me

The Power of Grit vs. The Poison of Envy This is a story of how envy inspired me to get fit. Published in Better Humans. https://betterhumans.pub/how-to-tame-the-envy-dragon-what-worked-for-me-4c5d1d6d8284?sk=3c8abf785cb340d1bbffc70b1f8c3804 Published by Better Humans Explore your potential,… Continue reading

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Empower Your Writing: Envy vs. Encouragement…What lights your fire?

My writing journey on Medium continues, and I’m now 8 months in. Are you curious about writing on Medium or are you already writing on the platform, but need an extra push, guidance… Continue reading

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How A Village Taught Me To Meditate: An unexpected lesson I learned about my envy of others.

Do you experience envy? I revived and rewrote this story because one of the big takeaways from my “Meditation Challenge” I did last spring is processing how I understood and dealt with a… Continue reading

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