How A Village Taught Me To Meditate: An unexpected lesson I learned about my envy of others.

Do you experience envy? I revived and rewrote this story because one of the big takeaways from my “Meditation Challenge” I did last spring is processing how I understood and dealt with a personal issue: my envy of others.

I hope readers find value in my life lesson. This particular meditation challenge really clicked; it shifted my perspective on envy into a new light. Let’s face it; I think we all experience envy in some way, especially on social media!

I wasn’t able to include this “envy message” in the original story which was published in Elephant Journal because it would’ve exceeded the EJ word count.

The “new story” is published in Live Your Life on Purpose on Medium. One of the great things about writing on Medium is the flexibility, publishing turn-around time, and longer word counts allowed for submissions.

Live Your Life on Purpose publishes articles about happiness, health, finance, productivity and success. Their motto is: Get Purpose. Get Perspective. Get Passion. –Steve Spring, Editor.

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