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6 Word Photo Story Summer Challenge: Can you tell a story in 6 words inspired by a photo?

One of my writing challenges for JUNE was to write and publish 16 photo stories in SNAPSHOTS on Medium. In doing so, I was awarded a Top Writer in Photography badge! I’m loving… Continue reading

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She Cartwheeled Into My Life & Made Me A Superstar

Drawing inspiration from childhood memories. Here’s a goodie. Hope you enjoy. https://medium.com/age-of-empathy/she-cartwheeled-into-my-life-15fb95b73266?sk=49f1ec83a87805ea8a0407d5eecb1ae1 This was published in Age of Empathy on Medium. “At Age of Empathy, we are seeking high-quality creative non-fiction and personal… Continue reading

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Empowering Oneself Alone: An Introvert’s Happy Place

I can never write enough about the powerful benefits of alone time. How do you spend your alone time? https://marychang-10894.medium.com/empowering-oneself-alone-f6ac2925fb31?sk=73d64d0297f169df5e6f8315af7cb437

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