Doing My First-Ever Triathlon at Age 51 & How it Changed My Life

Why I never stop trying and how I trained for the race in 29 days!

Last month I did my first-ever triathlon! My article about my experience has been published in Better Humans. It was one of the toughest things I’ve done to date (fitness-wise) and even with the anxiety, pressure, and nightmares I struggled through before the pre-race day, I got through it. I experienced a new adventure, a fun experience, and can’t wait until I do my next one!

I hope my story encourages people to try something they’ve never done, whether it’s a race, activity, or something on their bucket list. As I grow older, I realize it doesn’t matter how old, strong, or fast I am. The key is to persevere, no matter what my goal is. Goals can be made possible when I follow my self-mantra, “Try, Mary, Try!”

Do you have a self-mantra?

If my goal on my bucket list is something that scares me and keeps me up at night, I know it’s something I need to achieve that will be worth the time, effort, and energy I spend on it. I’m happier knowing that I tried than if I just fantasized about it, held myself back, and kept it on “dream island.”

This time, I swam off the island and made it happen even though I was terrified of drowning.

What’s on your bucket list that keeps you awake at night?