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April Six Word Photo Story Challenge: “Graffiti & Street Art”

I invite you to participate in this month’s Six Word Photo Story Challenge writing prompt. Can you tell a story in six words inspired by a photo taken by yourself? Here’s the article… Continue reading

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The Truth Behind the Bonus

This is a love letter to any writers who struggle with self-doubt. I promise you’ll walk away believing in yourself.

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6 Word Photo Story Summer Challenge: Can you tell a story in 6 words inspired by a photo?

One of my writing challenges for JUNE was to write and publish 16 photo stories in SNAPSHOTS on Medium. In doing so, I was awarded a Top Writer in Photography badge! I’m loving… Continue reading

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Empower Your Writing: Envy vs. Encouragement…What lights your fire?

My writing journey on Medium continues, and I’m now 8 months in. Are you curious about writing on Medium or are you already writing on the platform, but need an extra push, guidance… Continue reading

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Addicted to Netflix? 40 Signs. Take the Quiz to see if you’re hooked.

Published in The Haven on Medium. I have an obsession with Netflix binge-watching which has turned into an addiction, but I’ve turned some of that screen time into a writing humour piece. Take… Continue reading

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Crying at the Workplace: Why Women Need a Space Space to Talk at Work

Published in Modern Parent on Medium. Get your cry out! It’s time to talk. This article has been published in Modern Parent on Medium, whose motto is: “Celebrating and supporting the guardians of the next generation.” Rebecca… Continue reading

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A Cookie, Cry & Conversation. Don’t Hold Back: Life lessons during Pandemic

Anyone else feeling “okay” but “not really okay” during the pandemic? I had this conversation with my son during spring break last year. This story is a follow-up to our talk, how the… Continue reading

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Red Shorts, Yellow Tube Tops & the Weird Girl Downstairs and how she became my best friend

I started writing this story in 2018, re-read it this year and fell in love with the “characters” all over again. Segments of this story were written in 2009 retrieved from a different… Continue reading

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