6 Word Photo Story Summer Challenge: Can you tell a story in 6 words inspired by a photo?

One of my writing challenges for JUNE was to write and publish 16 photo stories in SNAPSHOTS on Medium. In doing so, I was awarded a Top Writer in Photography badge! I’m loving this publication as it brings me back to my first year of blogging where I typically posted one 6 word photo story per month. This was a great challenge for me to push myself to write more.

Each story is either 6 words or an average of a 1-2 minute read. Short, simple, sweet!

SNAPSHOTS is a Medium publication that showcases a wide variety of photography taken by writers on Medium, along with the words that tell the story behind the photos. If you’re someone who loves to share their photos and tell a short story about them, SNAPSHOTS is a great publication to write for. Their submission guidelines can be found under the “info page” tab on their website.

In general, if you’re considering writing on Medium, this would be a great way to check out the platform to see if it’s something that you might enjoy. It’s free to read and write on Medium—you just need to create a free Medium account. You get 3 free reads per month. A membership cost $50USD per year and gives you unlimited reads.

If you enroll in the Medium Partner Program (free to enroll) and your country is one of the countries that is able to participate, then you can also earn money on your articles based on actual reads of your articles. It’s NOT based on advertising as there are no ads on Medium.

Lastly, I invite you to participate in the 6-WORD PHOTO STORY SUMMER CHALLENGE that I created on Medium! This would be a great way to try writing on Medium. You only need to write 6 words and provide a photo that you have taken yourself. Easy-peasy! You have the option to either self-publish on Medium OR you can submit your story to SNAPSHOTS. Your story needs to be published in July or August, 2021.

If you participate, please remember to tag me at the bottom of your 6-Word Photo Story (on Medium) by hitting the @ symbol and typing Mary Chang Story Writer. This will notify me that you wrote a story and remind me to clap for you to support your story.

Here’s the link to my article for the full rules.


If you do participate, I hope you enjoy the writing and photography process!https://marychang-10894.medium.com/ Mary Chang Story Writer