Monthly Archive: April, 2021

Messy Writing, The Mean Teacher & A Scared Little Girl

Published in Inspired Writer. Based on a true story inspired by my 1979/80 Grade 4 teacher. I love drawing memories from childhood. When I’m writing out these types of memoirs, it takes me… Continue reading

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Facebook Friends with Fitness Benefits: Leading 21 Friends through the Pandemic. No strings attached.

Published on In Fitness and In Health on Medium. This story touches on my personal fitness journey for the past two years, from walking my first 10,000 steps to entering the 2020 Ms… Continue reading

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13 Signs You’ve Made It as a Writer (and what people really think)

Published in The Haven on Medium. Since publishing my last article, I’m a Top Writer in Parenting: I’m not Shannon Ashley, but I did it, I had to follow it up with 13… Continue reading

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I’m a “Top Writer in Parenting!” I’m not Shannon Ashley, but I did it!

Published in Feedium on Medium. I’m six months into my writing journey on Medium and I was recently recognized as a “Top Writer in Parenting.” Yep, I couldn’t believe it either and I… Continue reading

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The Truth About the Easter Bunny: A tale your kids will love, hope for & believe

Published in Modern Parent on Medium. This story is dedicated to my friend, Jenny, because she inspired me to write this story and renewed my belief in EB and wondrous things. If you’re… Continue reading

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