Six Words & a Photo: One Year Bliss!

SWPSC: From a sizzling summer prompt to one of the hottest little publications on the platform — the top highlights of the year

Celebrating the first year anniversary of my publication, “Six Word Photo Story Challenge!”

Photo of the author doing a headstand — portrayed “right side up” by Lensball effect. By NMB.

As of writing this today, we have 555 followers, an average of 15,000–20,000 views per 30 days, and 300–500 unique visitors daily.

We’re still a “little pub in the big pub world,” but we continue to be a consistent, reliable, and enjoyable short-form publication with a loyal following.

Readers and writers have fallen in love with the imaginative concept and get hooked or obsessed with this type of storytelling. From what I’ve been told. via comments and private notes, the encouragement, support, and reciprocity between the writers and readers of SWPSC are sincere, thoughtful, and awesome — it’s a great little pub to become a part of.

If you’d like to be added as a writer and submit to Six Word Photo Story Challenge, please read and follow the submission guidelines. Note: Formatting guidelines are unique to this publication — please read the formatting guidelines thoroughly.

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