Why I Exercise in Six Words

Exercise: Activity requiring physical effort, carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness.

Since January 2019, I’ve been challenging myself to train harder to exceed my usual limits in the realm of exercise. 

For me this means, attempting exercises that fall out of my comfort zone, setting monthly fitness challenges that force me to persevere or signing up for races that scare the hell out of me. “Six Word Stories” tell my truth.

“Nature’s Tree Swing”  Photo by Natalie McMillan.

“Why I Exercise in Six Words”

Discovering beauty of nature with motion.

Reviving youth to play like young.

Connecting through movement with my son.

Pushing my body challenges my mind.

Body is tougher than brain thinks.

Staying strong to better my life.

Super Hero Pose, once a day. Boosts my confidence and my mind.  Photo by Natalie McMillan.

Feel like Superwoman after good sweat.

Something about strength makes one sexy.

Protecting body that encases my soul.

“Jump!” Photo by Natalie McMillan.

The electric feel of building muscle.

Pushing until sweat drips onto earth.

Nature’s high revives vibrance – of me.


Author: Mary Chang Story Writer: Inspiration, Creativity, Self-Empowerment

Stories inspired by fitness, community & people with inner strength. Life journey is about sparking your internal fire and finding your shine. I'm an award-winning short story fiction writer, published memoir writer, blogger and lifelong "work in progress" striving towards becoming a better person, parent and writer. Writing self-empowers me to share my voice and may inspire you to create your own stories or reflect about your own life journey. I capture life's moments that make me self-reflect, laugh, cry, scream, be curious, draw me into the past or somewhere new that scares me. Sometimes I tell a story in six words, sometimes in thousands. Someday, a novel. People who read my stories sometimes laugh, cry, nod, reflect, swear or ask for more. Sometimes they don't. I hope that you do.