“The B.C. Covid-19 Collection: 2020 Six Word Art Stories created by voices of British Columbia, Canada”

A visual story album of how the “C word” has affected our lives in British Columbia. From photographs, artwork, graffiti, personal 6-word stories written from adult perspectives, 6-word news glimpses and community snapshots to document uncertain times.

It takes thoughtful effort, collaboration and imagination to create a project like this. We may have different lifestyles, beliefs and perspectives but we all have stories to tell.

Just like the feature photo story, “Finally time to take our time”, I ask that you please take a reflective moment to read each and every six word story of this project and discover the meaning behind each one.

This is what we saw through our Corona-coloured eyeglasses in our beautiful province of British Columbia, Canada.

Our album opens with Part 1: Six Word Stories with Photographs or Artwork written, created and submitted by adult volunteers of this project.



The feature photograph of this project (black & white photo of girl blowing dandelion puff ball) : “Finally time to take our time.” and the above six 6-word stories were written and photographed by Claudia Ho Lem.

LW In the Azalea Garden (1)

“Peace in the garden; waiting, remembering.” Story & painting created by L.W.

Kashi IMG_7312

“My eternal love for our elderly.” Story & photo by k.m.

Carol I just want ot hug her IMG_5603“I just want to hug her.”  Story & photo (of Carol’s mother) by Carol Carter.

Version 2

“Celebrating from afar on joyous occasions.” (on missing the ability to celebrate in person with the whole family) Story & photo by Bruna Lazzano.

Mia Logie 3a8b3809-b3bc-4657-b53d-3d56e10c71b0

“Inner lives blossom. Lives are close.”  Story & photo by Mia Logie.

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 11.06.10 AM

“Good snatched away, hope will triumph.”  Story & photo by Gerry O’day.

Jeff Winskell

“Newfound respect for full time parents.”  Story & photo by Jeff Winskell.

Natalie Realizing you're out of toilet paper IMG_20200521_162457

“Realizing you’re out of toilet paper.”  Story & photo by Natalie McMillan.

Jenny 2 IMG_4842

“Sometimes cheerfulness shows in unexpected places.”  Story & photo by Jenny Morgan.

David Geary IMG_20200523_201555663

“Retreat, Rethink, Resign, Reset, Rejuvenate, Reverie.”  Story & photo by David Geary.

Steve Bush Just happy to be getting out

“Just happy to be getting out.”  Story & photo by Steve Bush.

       “Let the outdoor games begin!”  “Done!”  Story & photos by Victoria.

Jim Derricot image0 (3)

“No panic. We are here. Now.”  Story & photo by Jim Derricott.

John B IMG_7262

“Peace and freedom without Covid 19.”  Story & photo by JB.

Dolores 3IMG_2766“Wife’s first haircut?  Husband: guinea pig.”  Story & photo by Dolores.

PETER b8ea6cc7-8035-48a9-a861-8312aa456ffa

“This s**t has driven me to…”  Story & artwork by P.B.”

Joann Anna IMG_7352 2

Covid pictures instead of rainbow pictures!” A mother’s perspective on the subject of her daughter’s recent drawings (depicting the corona virus). Story & artwork, Anonymous.

Erina 2 IMG_7263

“Feel great when the body moves.”  By Erina.

Erina 1 IMG_7264

Wishing to the star…seeing friends.Ryo found the first star of the evening and immediately wished upon it to see his friends. Story & photo by Erina.

Shaya #1 new 2020-05-29 at 11.43.41 AM

Above four 6-word stories written by Shaya Sy-Rantfors.

Shay #2 new Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 11.43.07 AM

Above story & photo by Shaya Sy-Rantfors.

Nancy IMG_7305

“No work – more time to garden.” Story and photo by Nancy.

Jenny IMG_5897

“Utter satisfaction – growing my  own food.”  Story & photo by Jenny Morgan.


“Patience, Family, Challenging, Isolated, Strength, Community.” Story & photo by Michelle Kaltenegger.

Phil Evans 84101213_495097501207160_8211579781750194176_n“They painted the hearts upside down.” Story & photo by @captphilevans.

Kristen Buckley image0 (3)“Vision becomes reality – functional, natural art.” Story and table created by Kristen Buckley. Photo by A.B.  (Yes, she made this table. It’s an old growth fir sourced from a timber furniture design business in Squamish, designed from a raw slab that started with bark and all! Legs sourced from Ontario and then the slab was sanded and finished with love.) 

Cea Sunrise Persons IMG_7309“A minefield of gratitude and resentment.” Story & photo by CSP.

Susan blue

“Mama. Yes. Mama. Yes. Mama. Yeeeeeeesssss.”  Story & photo by Susan Little.

Judith IMG_7304

“Hugs overpowering uncertainty, fear and sadness. “ Story & photo by Judith Reyes Metcalfe.

Anna IMG_7307

“My loves, delicate balance, life continues.”  Story & photo by Anna Parkes.

Susan Evvie image0 (3)

“Time erases memories. Memories erase time.”  Story & photo by Susan Little.

Susan Smith 99436892_3152704771439318_5484399832258838528_n

“From chaos, freedom emerges, commute-free.” Story & photo by Susan Smith Alexander.

Agnes Dailisay IMG_7351

“Faith in God is believer’s shield.” Story by Agnes Dalisay. Photo by Sophia Stewart featuring her sister, Raquel Stewart.

Christine IMG_0152

“Quarantine yoga. It keeps me grounded.” Story by Christine B. Photo by C.B.


“Finding my sunshine inside and out.”  Story by Mary Chang.

Next is Part 2 of our album (during PHASE 1): Photographs documenting what we’ve noticed around our community.

“Playground.” Photo by Shaya Sy-Rantfors.
“Sidewalk.” Photo by P.B.



Next is Part 2 (continued) of our album (during PHASE 2): Photographs documenting what we’ve noticed in our community.

toilet paper full IMG_7311
PT Theatre IMG_7358
Mattress 6 feet IMG_7438
Bike 6 ft IMG_7439
Yoga Mat 6 feet IMG_7441
Yoga Sign IMG_7538
Shell Gas June 17 IMG_7531
PENTHOUSE HAVING FUN SO LAST YEAR 101344958_10158050007326091_886999397013772373_n
Photo by Cecilia Graber Larrea.
Penthouse by Mary IMG_7694
Photo by KS. Inspired by W.C.
Save the World IMG_7474
Together Natalie McMillan IMG_7405

Photo by Natalie McMillan.

Hug Tshirt IMG_7675

IMG_7192“Beauty, truth, humour, ugliness, nature, art.” Story & photo by M.C. (graffiti artist unknown)

Next is Part 2 (continued) of our album (during PHASE 3): Photographs documenting what we’ve noticed in our community.

Alcohol allowed in some outdoor spaces.
Store bought face masks on shelf.
“Handmade masks on a trusty Pfaff” Submitted by Christine B.
“A smile goes a long way” Submitted by Chrissy Chequer.
Face masks become mandatory on Transit. (Aug 24/20)
Face masks mandatory on BC Ferries (Aug 24/20) Photo by J. R-M.
“Seabus Owl” wears a mask too!
“Everybody wears a mask in Norgate.” Photo by Emma Gow.
“Masked Snowman” Covid continues through the winter season. Photo by Michelle Kaltenegger (Feb 14/21)
“Bye Corona” Two words everyone is hoping for… Photo by MC, artwork unknown.

Lastly, Part 3 of our Album: List of British Columbia and Lower Mainland Highlights During Pandemic, in 6 Word Points:

  • Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau
  • 36th Premier of BC, John Horgan
  • Dr. Bonnie Henry, British Columbia PHO
  • Dr. Teresa Tam, Canada Chief PHO
  • Adrian Dix, BC Minister of Health
  • Nigel Howard, sign language hero
  • First death Lynn Valley Care Home (March 9, 2020 first death in Canada)
  • All British Columbia Public Schools Close (March 17)
  • Community centres, libraries, non-essential services close (March/April)
  • Spring camps, extra-curricular activities cancelled (March)
  • Playgrounds, skateboard parks, ski mountains close (March)
  • Some parks, trails, parking lots close (March)
  • Beaches, most parks, trails remain open (March)
  • Restaurants offer take away service only (March/April)
  • Dental practices offer emergency dental only (March)
  • Long hair due to salon closures
  • Social distancing, hand washing, face masks (March)
  • How Coronavirus took Lynn Valley article (Globe & Mail, March 21)
  • Local distilleries make free hand sanitizer (March)
  • Pots, pans, applause at 7pm nightly (for health care workers, March)
  • “Growing up in Quarantineland” by Margaret Atwood (Globe & Mail, March 28)
  • Bonnie Henry & Theresa Tam Art Mural (March)
  • Free online education, fitness, mental health etc (March)
  • Trudeau sends a message through Lego (April)
  • Homeschooling begins online with public schools (mid-April)
  • Parents f*cking hate trying to homeschool (ongoing)
  • Parents appreciate teachers more than ever (ongoing)
  • Dr. Bonnie Henry’s John Fluevog shoes (April)
  • White Caps face-masks to save Aquarium (April)
  • Government Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB)
  • Income Tax filing deadline extended June 1
  • Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) support
  • Rent, mortgage, student loan financial support
  • Restrictions ease Victoria Day May weekend
  • Phase 1 ends May 18 Victoria Day (See Phase 1, BC’s Restart Plan)
  • https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/safety/emergency-preparedness-response-recovery/covid-19-provincial-support/phase-1
  • We enter Phase 2 for Covid (ends June 23, See Phase 2, BC’s Restart Plan)
  • https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/safety/emergency-preparedness-response-recovery/covid-19-provincial-support/phase-2
  • Cruise ships not welcome for summer (May)
  • 6 people gatherings, still no travel
  • North Shore Bowling closes for good (after 59 years! due to C-19, June)
  • Several businesses re-open, others close permanently.
  • Campgrounds set to reopen June 1
  • Voluntary return to school June 1
  • Parents fear making “voluntary” schooling decisions
  • Part-time school, staggering start hours
  • Elementary 50%, Secondary 20% – in class
  • Playgrounds being to re-open June 1
  • When will this f*cking pandemic end?
  • Waiting on vaccine to be created.
  • “Be kind, be calm, be safe.” (Dr. Bonnie Henry’s advice)
  • Phase 3 to start in June (June 24, See Phase 3, BC’s Restart Plan)
  • https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/safety/emergency-preparedness-response-recovery/covid-19-provincial-support/phase-3
  • Non-essential travel and film production resume
  • Careful travel allowed within the province
  • US Border non-essential travel remains closed
  • Many hotels, accommodations, resorts resume operations
  • Gatherings larger than 50 still banned
  • Limit the people within your bubble
  • Continue hand washing, social distancing, cleaning
  • Glory holes recommended for safer sex (July, BC Centre for Disease Control)
  • Face masks mandatory for Translink, BC Ferries (Aug 24)
  •  Schools set to re-open September 10
  • Phase 4 Conditional on global availability of vaccine
  • https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/safety/emergency-preparedness-response-recovery/covid-19-provincial-support/phase-4
  • Ferry passengers can’t remain in cars (during sailings on enclosed car decks, BC Ferries)
  • Face masks recommended for safer sex (Sept, Dr. Theresa Tam)
  • Cases surge. Dr. Henry tightens restrictions (for 2 week block Sat, Nov 7, 10pm to Mon, Nov 23 noon)
  • https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/b-c-announces-new-covid-19-restrictions-for-metro-vancouver-health-regions-for-2-weeks-as-cases-surge-1.5793969 (announced Nov 7)
  • Two-week lockdown extended, record high cases (extended to Dec 7)
  • https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/b-c-brings-in-sweeping-new-measures-to-control-covid-19-including-mandatory-masks-1.5808617
  • B.C. sets record-breaking 887 COVID-19 cases (for daily cases, Nov 26)
  • Weddings, funerals, ceremonies maximum 10 people
  • Face masks mandatory, indoor public places
  • Mask enforcement (subject to $230 fine)
  • Schools remain open, masks not mandatory
  • No house guests, no play dates
  • First shipments of Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vaccine (30,000 doses arrive Dec 13)
  • First British Columbian vaccinated December 15, 2020
  • Four vaccines approved by Health Canada (vaccine is free for all BC residents eligible to receive it)
  • https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/covid-19/vaccine/plan?bcgovtm=20210311_GCPE_Vizeum_COVID___Google_Search_BCGOV_EN_BC__Text
  • Learn about the Pfizer vaccine
  • Learn about the Moderna vaccine
  • Learn about the AstraZeneca/SII COVISHIELD (AZ/SII) vaccine
  • Learn about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine
  • Four immunization phases for vaccine schedule
  • Phase 1 (Dec-Feb) complete. (frontline health/remote Indigenous communities)
  • Phase 2 (Feb-April) (born in 1941 or earlier, (Indigenous: First Nations, Métis and Inuit) peoples born in 1956
  • Phase 3 (April-May) general population
  • Phase 4 (May-June) general population
  • One year since first BC death (March 9, 2021)
  • Cases surge, Dr. Henry tightens restrictions (announced after spring break) Period: March 29- April 19, 2021
  • Whistler/Blackcomb ski resort closes temporarily (until April 19/2021)
  • Indoor group exercise classes not allowed (individual training allowed with Covid plan)
  • Indoor religious worship gathering/services suspended
  • Indoor dining suspended (outdoor dining only)
  • No indoor gatherings of ANY SIZE
  • Up to 10 can gather outdoors (must be same 10 persons)
  • Walks/hikes, pools/ice rinks allowed
  • Parents carpooling kids to school allowed
  • Grandparents providing childcare allowed under order
  • Travel restrictions guidelines within BC updated (constantly)
  • Masking mandatory for indoor public spaces (again! age 12+, September)
  • Children Grade 4+ must wear masks (at desks & elsewhere at school, indoors)
  • Vaccine not mandatory for general public
  • Vaccine mandatory for some workers/employers
  • Nearly 70% of BC residents vaccinated (Sept 10/21)
  • Vaccination Card required for public places (Sept 13/21)
  • Anti-vaccine protest at the hospital (Sept)