It’s Simple. Look up not Down.

Photo by Natalie J. McMillan.

Last week I asked readers to write six-word stories for the feature photo of this post.

The simplicity of capturing a story, thought, feeling, philosophy, or attitude in only six words creates a vision in our minds.

Still, that perspective of that vision may be different to each individual who reads it, even if we’re all looking at the same photograph.

It was a joy reading these inspirational, thoughtful contributions. Thank you all for volunteering your time and writing these autumn stories in six words.

Gold autumn leaves fall from Heaven.

by Dracula Van Helsing

Bright, light sparkles,
patterns all around.

by Anna Parkes

She smiles – leaves fall for her.

by Mitch Treemley

Coloured falling moments,

falling into myself.

by Anna Parkes

Joy floating in light filled leaves.

by Chrissy & Rex Chequer at:

Yellow, red, brown,

Mary’s joy abounds. by Anna Parkes

Sunshine inside and out.

Forever young. by Nancy.

Last stand against encroaching, inevitable, fall.

by Anna Parkes

“It’s simple. Look up not down.”

by Nancy.

Who needs summer? I love fall!

by Jenny Morgan

Imprint shapes on sidewalks

after rain. by Anna Parkes

Sky falling! I will catch it!

by Nancy.

Wind whispers. Listen to her song.

by Mary Chang

Crisp cold mornings,

I’m warm, bright. by Anna Parkes

Me alone leaves, alone leaves me.

by David Geary

Fluttering by me, change is here.

by Anna Parkes

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