To Tip or Not to Tip? That is the question.

Published in The Haven on Medium. Do you feel awkward whenever you’re faced with the decision of tipping? Me too.

The story behind the article. I’m experimenting with writing humor and pitching various humor publications on Medium. This is my third comedic piece published on the platform. Writing funny pieces is fun and because there’s an element of fiction, I can draw from whatever sparks my imagination, but base them on real-life experiences, such as “tipping.”

My personal life isn’t that adventurous, so I get a kick out of making up drama and filling in the gaps with humor and satire.

I typically write these types of articles at a faster pace than my creative non-fiction, personal essays, or memoirs about fitness, parenting, writing, and life lessons. My guess is that I write at a much slower pace than the majority of the talented, prolific writers I follow on Medium and WordPress — no matter which genre I’m writing, but I remind myself that it’s not a running race.

It’s a personal path of practice and perseverance, set at my own pace, and continues to be a joyful, bumpy ride with some laughter from readers (I hope!).

The Haven on Medium is a Place to Be Funny Without Being a Jerk…for all types of humor writing — stories, essays, lists, Onion-style fake news, funny poetry, cartoons.” – Page Barnes, Founder & Editor at The Haven.