The Power of White: Undoing white power to embrace my Chinese skin

This article is one of the most difficult stories I’ve written. It talks about the racism I faced as a child growing up in an almost all-white neighbourhood. I don’t know what the experiences are/were like for other BIPOC people, but this is what the experience was like for me. My heart goes out to those who have faced racism in the past and/or today.

It’s my story on how white society played a role in how it affected how I viewed my Chinese features, skin colour, and beauty. I wrote this to support the @StopAsianHate movement. It was such a harrowing, tearful story to write and even a harder one to share, but knowing the message is important and needs to be heard makes it a little easier to put myself out there.

Writing this story makes me realize the importance of educating children about racism because early childhood is when children begin forming their views of the society and world around them. I hope this story will give people insight into what it’s like facing racism from a personal perspective and how hurtful racist words, bullying, and teasing can emotionally harm and scar a child—well into her adulthood.

If this resonates with you somehow, either as a BIPOC person or a white person, I invite you to share in the comment section on my blog or Medium. This is where the conversation starts about racism. The only way to learn is to start talking about it.

Thank you to the thoughtful readers who have already supported my story by reading it and/or commenting on Facebook, Medium or directly with me.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will forever hurt me.”

Here’s the friend link to read my story.