Dragonfly on a Stick: The Truth Behind the Wings

This is my second photo article published in SNAPSHOTS on Medium. If you like taking photos, and are interested in submitting to this publication, I suggest that you select a good quality photo and do a short write-up.

Writing for SNAPSHOTS transports me back to the earlier days when I first launched my blog in November 2019 and created 6 word stories to showcase the stories behind the photos I posted. I’m rediscovering the joys of photo stories through this publication, with the added bonus of making some cash on the platform.

My first article (NATURE’S HAPPY FACES, 4 photos total) was only 170 words and my second article (DRAGONFLY ON A STICK, 3 photos total) was 225 words. The shorter article got a much higher read ratio than my second one. The shorter the story, the better the read ratio for this type of photography publication.

I think it may be better to put all the text at the start, than to split up the text if you have more than one photo. Next time, I may try posting only one photo to experiment with the read ratio.

If you decide to snap a photo and submit to SNAPSHOTS, good luck! It’s a fun publication to write for and a great creative expression outlet. You can find their submission guidelines under their “Info Page” tab. To do so, you need to first create a free account on Medium.

Our goal with SNAPSHOTS is not only to showcase interesting and quality photography, but to create a venue that helps to show your audience on Medium who you are, beyond your written words. Sharing your own original photography can bring one’s interaction and engagement on a platform to a whole new level. -The SNAPSHOTS Editorial Team, Allan Rae, Sherry Kappel, Dennett & David Montgomery.