Braving the Weird WordPress World

“Tunnel” Photo courtesy of the photographer.

Celebrating my First Year Anniversary since I launched my blog on WordPress!

Read about my experience in my debut piece published on Medium via The Brave Writer.

Hope you have a good laugh. My son and I sure did. It’s takes guts, humor and humbleness to write the embarrassing truth. When I stumbled across this publication, The Brave Writer, it seemed like the right place for this story to be published.

The Brave Writer is a publication on Medium made by writers for writers and is “the next generation of writers breaking barriers together.” The mission of their publication is “to inspire and motivate writers to keep writing, take care of themselves, and become brave writers.”

Thank you to my fellow WordPress bloggers for your support and your bravery in your own writing. Here’s my story below.

“Writing is a tunnel of self-discovery, exploration, and learning opportunities.”  – Mary Chang.