Behind My Writing Journey

Photo by Romain V on Unsplash

On the first year anniversary (Nov 2020) of launching my WordPress site, I wrote about “my first year of blogging on WordPress” experience and published it in The Brave Writer shortly after I discovered and was intrigued by the Medium platform. For my second year of my writing journey, I’ve been focusing on publishing articles on Medium as I plan to write a future follow-up story about my experience of “my first year of writing on Medium.”

It’s a great way to put myself out there, explore new writing opportunities with different publications that have a well-established built-in readership and gives me a chance to learn about writing, editing, and enables me to engage with other writers. An integral part of the writing process is promoting your writing and this is something I struggle with. I’d rather put that time and energy into writing stories, but I know promotion needs to be done on at least some level.

On my blog, I post links to any new articles I’ve written and published in various publications, and on Medium, I include a link to my blog. I also post links to my articles and blog on Facebook and Instagram, if I remember! I’m not tech-savvy and have no urge to create any other social media accounts at this time because it’s overwhelming with what I’m currently signed up on. Although this may lead to duplication, cross-posting is an easy, quick, affordable way for me to promote my writing.

I’m still in the early stages of this experience and consider myself a “Medium newbie” and yet I’m still a “blogger newbie.” But with practice, perseverance and embracing new opportunities, it’s all part of the process towards becoming a better, braver writer. Wherever and whenever readers find and read my stories, it brings joy to my day and I’m grateful.

The key to promoting one’s writing is up to the writer and whatever works best for that writer–given the time, energy and financial resources that the writer can devote. My writing journey continues and now heading into 5 months on Medium, it has been an engaging, fun, challenging, bumpy, unexpectedly addictive ride so far!

My journey on WordPress will continue to be an avenue to to express creativity, document and promote my writing, fitness adventures and community projects, share information about different publications and support other bloggers.

Have a happy day readers, writers, bloggers, friends, and followers. Read, write and blog away and enjoy your journey! Thank you all for being part of my mine, and to my fellow bloggers and writers, thank you for sharing yours.

Cartwheels, Mary.