The Blonde and The Perfect Sandwich: Love at first bite

Published in P.S. I Love You on Medium. Here’s the back story on my experience with this publication as my writing journey on Medium continues. I submitted my first piece to them in January 2021, and the editor responded 11 days later with this rejection: “Thanks for reaching out and so sorry about the delay. Unfortunately, I’m not sure this piece is a fit for us at the moment. We get lots of quality subs, and often have to turn down really good ones. Please feel free to send over more pieces in the future.”

At the time, I was heartbroken because I wrote the piece specifically for PS I Love You, thought it was a perfect fit, and be chosen for publication. I replied to the editor asking if they could give me a specific reason why it wasn’t accepted, offered to edit it accordingly, but I never received a reply.

Last week, I started working on a new story for PS I Love You. This time I wrote a shorter, concise piece which was a 3-minute read. I didn’t get up my hopes, had no idea when or if they’d reply, and forgot about it (I didn’t obsess over it!) I submitted it on March 3 and received a reply on March 7. Even before I heard back from the editor, I was expecting another rejection, but I was surprised when I read the reply: “Thanks for reaching out, and sorry for the delay! I like this. Just added you as a writer. You can now submit pieces for review. Let me know if you have any questions. Excited to be working together.” My story was also selected as an “Editors’ Pick.”

Sometimes your gut instinct isn’t right. For this publication, for each story I submitted, the result was the opposite of how I thought the editor would respond. Sometimes things don’t work out the way I expect, and sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised. The key is to keep trying. I’ve had a crush on this publication since I discovered it on Medium, and I’m thrilled that they added me as a writer and published the story!

About PS I Love You:

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