Six Word Photo Story Challenge: Introducing the Publication!

Over the summer, I started a Six Word Photo Story Summer Challenge on Medium and invited writers to “tell a story in six words inspired by a photo.” Writers participated over July and August; the challenge became super popular so I created my own publication on Medium to extend the challenge and launched it September 1st, 2021. I’ve been crazy busy with the set up and process of running a publication but it’s coming together well.

It’s called Six Word Photo Story Challenge!

Can you tell a story in six words inspired by a photo?

If you’re interested in checking out or writing on the Medium platform, my publication would be a great place to start! You just need to create a free account on Medium.

Here is the link to Six Word Photo Story Challenge Submission Guidelines & Layout. Here you can request to be added as a writer in the comment section of the article.

About the Writer

Mary Chang is an award-winning short story fiction writer, memoir writer, blogger, and editor of the Six Word Photo Story Challenge publication — inspired by her original 6-Word Photo Story Summer Challenge writing prompt (2021) on Medium.

She’s also a parent, fitness, and photography enthusiast— and loves creating monthly challenges. 

If you’d like to be added as a writer and submit to Six Word Photo Story Challenge publication, please read and follow the submission guidelines.

Fueled by cartwheels, laughter, and encouraging people to shine.