The Short Story Behind a Photograph

Sometimes a forgotten memory sparks joy.

This September, “back to school” in 2020 may be chaotic, but today I’m reflecting on a school snapshot from 1979.

Since reconnecting with Ms Watson (my Grade 3 teacher) last fall, we’ve been communicating on and off through social media. She sent me this message last June.

“Going through an old album today – and there you were (wearing my hat, I think).”

My teacher had written this “short story” beside the photograph (1979):

“Little Mary Chang – a real sweetie.

Wouldn’t speak or smile for the first 3 days – but not now!”


I don’t remember being photographed, but I do remember my favourite t-shirt and I can imagine the delightfulness of that sunny day.

You can read the full story about my reconnection with LW here at:

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Author: Mary Chang Story Writer: Inspiration, Creativity, Self-Empowerment

I'm an award-winning short story writer, published memoir article writer and lifelong "work in progress" towards becoming a better writer. Writing self-empowers me to share my voice and may inspire you to create your own stories or reflect about your own life journey. I capture life's moments that make me self-reflect, laugh, cry, scream, be curious, draw me into the past or somewhere new that scares me. Sometimes I tell a story in six words, sometimes in thousands. Someday, a novel. People who read my stories sometimes laugh, cry, nod, reflect or ask for more. Sometimes they don't. I hope that you do.

One thought on “The Short Story Behind a Photograph”

  1. That must have been a sports day! Back then, I would have been toting a heavy, cumbersome camera (long before instant picture-taking with cell phones), Obviously it was worth it, to capture such a sunny, happy moment.
    Lindsay Watson



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