Featured in Elephant Journal: “Finding Self-Empowerment Through Community & Headstand” by Mary Chang

My article is live and published on Elephant Journal: “it’s about the mindful life, an online mindful life magazine”. Read the full story here on EJ at: https://www.elephantjournal.com/2020/09/turn-the-heck-upside-down-finding-empowerment-with-headstand-mary-chang/

We’re all human beings supporting each other in some way – in our village, earth, universe. Gratitude for reading, sharing and “clicking the heart” on EJ.

My article was edited by Elizabeth Brumfield, Editor at Elephant Journal. Below are excerpts from the article along with three headstand photos I chose to showcase on my blog (that are not displayed in the the EJ posting).

Photo by Christine B.

Selfempowerment is taking control of your own life, setting goals, and making positive choices that can create a meaningful impact in some way.

Photo by Jude RM.

Whenever I do a headstand, a sense of power and confidence overwhelms me—I’m on top of the world, upside down. Wow!

Photo by D.

Encouraging others to persevere can be just as self-empowering as mastering a headstand, because it might be those words that inspire them to keep going.

Note: My original title of this article was “Self Empowerment through Words and Headstands”, edited by EJ to”Turn the Heck Upside Down: Finding Empowerment with Headstand” (Sept 3) and then re-titled by EJ (Sept 20) to: “Finding Self-Empowerment & Community through Headstand.”

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