I Can’t Fly to Maui, but I Can Change My View!

Did you notice that my blog looks different on my Home Page? Yes, it is! I’ve been playing around with layout themes and have chosen a new WordPress theme for my site. The intent is to make it engaging, visually stimulating and easy to preview multiple posts “at a glance.”

I’ve kept the original feature header image shown above. That’s me with my windy hair and that wild tree in Maui.

You’ll notice the change whenever you click on “MARY CHANG” below the header image or go to https://marychangstorywriter.com/; it will bring you to my new Home Page and new look. However, when you click on each story, it will have a similar look and feel to my previous theme.

My concept is to provide readers with a flash of familiar intertwined with the “new view” on my home page.

I bid farewell to my original layout theme, but my stories (past, present, future) live on in the new design.

If you’d like to comment, question or provide me with feedback about the new look or any of my previous postings, please go to the “About the Author” page of this blog or leave a comment below.