Empowering Oneself Alone: An Introvert’s Happy Place

It’s scary to put myself out there to the world to share my life perspective, truth, fiction, stories and images of myself and my body, but creative writing is an intrinsic piece of who I am.

I’m an introvert by nature and it’s taken decades of self-nurturing to become confident in my own skin and let people see me.

Writers need to be heard. That’s how we make our footprint in the world.

Photo by MC.

Whenever I’m overwhelmed or anxious from “putting myself out there” through my writing or certain social situations, or if I need a release from stresses of parenting, work or maintaining relationships, I make time to be alone.

Sometimes I talk out my anxieties with friends or family, but I’ve realized that a walk in nature and finding a spot to reflect alone can be more inspiring than spoken words.

To be at peace with yourself spending time alone outside, rain or shine is empowering. No one is watching, listening or judging. I can take off my shoes, and hat, splash in the water, breathe.

Photo by MC.

I reflect on what matters. Sometimes the answers will come, sometimes they don’t, but my mind becomes clearer.

It isn’t selfish or odd to choose or crave to spend time alone and it’s never lonely. I value and appreciate the people I welcome into my life and make time for them, but being alone is being myself – for me.

It’s self-care, self-love and honours my self-worth.

Love who you are, alone. Experience your own joy and inner shine.

Photo by MC.

How do you spend your alone time?

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