Life Lessons from the Crow: More than Just a Yoga Pose. On Parenting, Writing & Perseverance

“Learning the Crow Pose” Photo by Chrissy Chequer.

Published in “Inspired Writer” on Medium. An article doesn’t always get published on the first try. I’ve been working on this “crow pose” story on and off for the past few weeks and submitted it to 3 publications on Medium.

Attempt #1, Original title: “The Crow Taught Me to Become a Better Writer & Parent: Falling down & getting back up – every day.” It was rejected with this message: “…upon review, we’re going to pass on this one. The topic was on point but the execution just didn’t feel quite right for us. We also get a lot in so have to be selective. But keep writing!”

Attempt #2, 2nd Title: “Life Lessons from Learning the Crow: Falling & getting back up – every day.” I edited, changed it to the above title and submitted it to a different publication. Their guidelines say that “if they don’t reply within 5 days, assume that they rejected it.” Nine days passed and no reply.

Attempt #3, 3rd Title: “Life Lessons from Learning the Crow: On Parenting, Writing & Perseverance.” I did more editing, made it flow better, made it clearer and changed it to the above title. I also wrote a good self-intro in my email submission.

Success: It was accepted in “Inspired Writer” and curated (chosen for further distribution!) The Editor accepted it with minor edits. We worked together to and finalized the title to: “Life Lessons from the Crow: More than just a yoga pose.” Subtitle: On Parenting, Writing & Perseverance. I’m thrilled because I love the Publication’s philosophy.

“Inspired Writer aims to bring together experienced and emerging writers to share their knowledge and stories. We want to support new writers, like you, to share your story, develop your writing skills, and kick-start you career.” Kelly Eden & Ash Jurberg, Editors at Inspired Writer.