About Me – Mary Chang Story Writer: How to Introduce Yourself on Medium

“Tell the world who you are.” – Quy Ma, Editor, “About Me Stories” Published in “About Me Stories” on Medium.

Quy Ma created this fabulous, fast-growing publication called “About Me Stories” for new and experienced writers to introduce themselves on Medium and connect with other writers on the platform. Quy invited me to write a story about myself, and I’m delighted that I accepted his invite because this publication has empowered me to “put myself out there as a Medium newbie” and to also get to know the other writers behind their stories.

I love welcoming and supporting the writers and reading their thoughtful bios on the publication. Anybody can submit their story bios to About Me Stories and it’s a great way to get started on the platform and/or promote any of your previous Medium articles.

My story is the first one they published in 2021 on January 1st! I’ve never placed first place in anything, but it was an honor to make it “first” here. This is what the editor said about my bio.

“You’re the first About Me story I published in the New Year. And I must say, it’s incredibly awesome to read your story. Your motivation and drive are contagious. I absolutely love your drive and outlook. Nothing can stop you!” Quy Ma, Editor, About Me Stories, “Tell the world who you are.