Red Shorts, Yellow Tube Tops & the Weird Girl Downstairs and how she became my best friend

I started writing this story in 2018, re-read it this year and fell in love with the “characters” all over again. Segments of this story were written in 2009 retrieved from a different story in my archives, but its true birth was 1977. I rewrote it this year and it’s been published in Inspired Writer on Medium.

It’s a true story about friendship and takes the reader into a glimpse of my childhood and how a friendship endured over four decades, with an overall theme about friendships that last for a “reason”, “season” or “lifetime.”

To date, this is my favourite story that I’ve published so far on Medium. Writing it was a joyful experience because it catapulted me back to my childhood which was packed with colourful memories from the 70s and 80’s. It was also an awakening and tearful experience because it helped me reflect on my current friendships during the course of the pandemic.

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